Friday Fiction: Horror for Toddlers

Know a toddler learning their letters? Help them out with the Monster Alphabet!

There’s a monster for every letter – except ‘E’ – that’s your job! Send me your best monsters (by type or by name) starting with E! The reader with the best answer wins a prize (they don’t have to be present for the Monster Alphabet photo shoot!)

But there’s more! Which alphabet monster do you want to see featured in future Friday Fiction? Comment to cast your vote!

A is for Anansi
B is for Banshee
C is for Chupacabra
D is for Drop Bear
E is for ????
F is for Frankenstein’s Monster
G is for Golem
H is for Hellhound
I is for Iceman
J is for Jaculus
K is for Kobold
L is for Lake Monster (of Loch Ness)
M is for Minotaur
N is for Nekomata
O is for Ogre
P is for Poltergeist
Q is for Quasimodo
R is for Revenant
S is for Selkie
T is for Troll
U is for Unicorn
V is for Vampire
W is for Wendigo
X is for Xing Tian
Y is for Yeti
Z is for Zombie

See – isn’t learning the alphabet fun?


9 Responses to “Friday Fiction: Horror for Toddlers”

  1. Flicking through the Element Encyclopaedia of Magical Creatures to find something suitably monstrous:

    Each Uisge – particularly malevolent water horse, inhabiting saltwater or inland lakes (to distinguish it from Kelpies). Similar folklore surrounding this as the Kepie though.

    Echeneis – described in Pliny the Elder’s Historia Naturalis as a tiny sea serpent (~6″) able to prevent a ship from moving once attached to the hull. Apparently it can freeze the water with it’s icy breath, catching the ship in frozen water.

    Empusa – has one leg of brass and the other that of a donkey, being a human female from the waist up. Sent by Hakate to torment travellers on dark roads, after which they were often accused of grave-robbing.

    There are others, but these were the most interesting.

    • These are great Jenny! – I particularly like the Echeneis – I can see them swarming over the hull of a ship once the water has frozen ans wreaking havoc on board!

      • I was thinking more traditional – like Elf, Ettin or Ent
        Or you could choose Lovecraftian – Eldritch Horror
        Or modern – Evil

  2. Well, there is a monster from Ancient Greek mythology called “Echidna”: the daughter of Phorcys and his sister Ceto (both children of Gaia and Nereus the old sea god, according to Hesiod). Echidna was half-woman and half-snake and ate men raw. Hesiod calls her immortal, but in one story she is killed by Argus, the hundred-eyed, while asleep.

  3. Uncle Screwtape Says:

    E is for the Eggman, he may have links to illicid drug use!

  4. E is for Easter Bunny’s Evil Twin

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