Zombie Action Plans: First Installment

Since we’ve been talking about zombies a bit lately here at Gobbets, I thought it was time for a reminder about Zombie Action Plans (Z.A.Ps).

What do you mean you don’t have a Z.A.P?! Do you want to be eaten alive by zombies?? No? Then this is for you!

A good Z.A.P takes plenty of time, consideration, discussion and revision. You need to gradually acquire materials, hold practice runs and update for changing circumstances. Since we can’t cover all of this in a short post, I’ll be breaking it down into key areas, and posting installments every few days. The aim here is to cover the basic things you need to think about when starting to put a Z.A.P together, but you can use the resources listed at the end of each post to develop your knowledge further.

Today we will be considering the first step in any good Z.A.P: Where will you go?

You need a defensible position, one that will enable you to access food and water, and to stop the zombies from getting in. It’s also good if it has the potential to be a longer-term solution (can you grow food, collect rainwater, house more people, does it make a good base for raiding or foraging parties?) You may be able to set up your own home to be zombie-apocalypse friendly, but many homes are simply not suitable due to location, construction, or design (too many windows, easily knocked-down materials, too big to enforce a perimeter etc). In that case a friend or family member’s house may be more suitable. Actually it’s generally a good idea to talk with others and make a combined plan because not only is there safety in numbers but you can pool resources.

In any private dwelling you will need to stockpile supplies (more about this later), secure the entrances and consider mobility (if you have to leave for some reason, for example if the location becomes compromised), can you get to transport?

Of course your defensible location needn’t be a private home. Shopping Centres, schools, hospitals and offices all have potential as defensible locations but just remember that others in the area may have the same plan – and as any zombie film watcher knows – other humans can be just as much trouble as the zombies themselves. It’s better if you have some connection to these places: think about your office, your kid’s school etc – at least you stand a better chance of knowing the lay of the land and the usual suspects.

Some commentators advocate retiring to a nearby army base (if there is one). While this may be beneficial in terms of protection and resources there are also significant disadvantages in terms of freedom of choice and control over your own fate. Definitely watch 28 Days Later before committing to this option.

Recommended reading: Max Brooks’ manual The Zombie Survival Guide, Chapter 3 On the Defense (p64-93)

Take some time to consider your options. Help other readers out by commenting and telling us where you plan to go in the even of the zombie apocalypse…

Next Z.A.P topic: Weapons.


2 Responses to “Zombie Action Plans: First Installment”

  1. With the places poll, I went for work – as it’s only got a few entrances and their fairly secure. The only problem is the front of the building which has a bit too much glass. The building itself may attract zombies however, as in my view it has always looked like a crypt.

  2. A ZAP novice, I can’t help but think that the new Parliament House in Canberra would be the perfect defensible position – especially the lower sections which are built into the hill. I’m thinking the secret underground tunnel across to the lodge would be useful too.

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