Prepare for Friday Fiction!

The first of the Gobbets Friday Fictions will happen this week – so in preparation I need you all to choose our own adventure!

Friday fiction will be a short piece featuring one of the following:

A – A zombie in a tutu (thank you Peter for putting that image in my head!)

B – An evil unicorn

C – A werewolf bartender

So take your pick and post A, B, or C as a comment. Let the voting begin!


12 Responses to “Prepare for Friday Fiction!”

  1. On a side note, I highly recommend a series of short stories a friend of my wrote for Andromeda Spaceways (or ASIM as it is sometimes known) about a werewolf private investigator.

    • This looks great – I just ordered it! Thanks for the link!

    • “The Collected Case Files of Johnny Phillips Werewolf Detective” just arrived! Looking forward to reading it…

      • Excellent! I was playing Settlers of Catan with Robbie on Monday – I forgot to ask him for a commission 🙂

        Which reminds me, I’m thinking of organising a fiction writing competition along the same lines of Game Chef – which was an RPG writing competition I’ve entered before and thought was a cool idea.

  2. Put me down for a zombie in a tutu.

  3. Uncle Screwtape Says:

    Zombie in a tutu, but only if the zombie is a middle aged man!

  4. I’ll be different and say I’d love to hear about the werewolf baretender, because although it’s been done to death I’m curious to see where you take this.

  5. Hmm, just to be difficult i’d go for the evil unicorn

  6. I’m going to have to follow the crowd and vote for a zombie in a tutu (and hopefully some other clothing I’m not sure my inner eye could handle just a tutu).

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